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Whittington  Oxford Downs

Est. 2020

Hello! We are Lucy and Dale, together we manage a flock of pedigree Oxford Down sheep which have recently moved with us to the rolling hills of the Sailsbury Plain.  


In order to produce the best quality lamb, our sheep are raised slowly and compassionately on a mixture of permanent pasture and diverse herbal leys. Our sheep are 100% Pasture Fed, this means we don't feed any cereals or concentrates. A pasture fed diet of herbs, legumes and grasses enhances the  flavour and produces nutrient dense meat. Our diverse pastures keep both our sheep and soils healthy and encourages wildlife from all walks of life to flourish on the farm.


We are committed to utilising the whole animal, so as well as producing great lamb and mutton, our sheep also produce fantastic wool which we shear ourselves and turn into felted rugs, carded wool and yarn.

We are passionate about the rare breed Oxford Down and are working hard to restore it to it's former glory as one of the UK's best terminal sires. This is why we cross them with our flock of Lleyn ewes and use performance monitoring techniques such as Signet recording.

We hope you enjoy browsing through our website, if you would like to see the day to day life of our flock then please find and follow us on Facebook and Instagram.

Dale & Lucy 

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