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Breeding Stock

Here at Whittington Oxford Downs we have a mission to breed the best and most profitable Pedigree Oxford Downs in the country. We select for sheep that are true to type,  thrive on a 100% pasture based diet, need minimal intervention and have high fertility. 

We believe that the Oxford Down should be Big, Bold, Long and Strong and we believe our sheep show these traits. We are signet performance recorded, and  enjoy using this tool to help improve our flock, without loosing the traditional traits of the Oxford Down.

Registered Oxford Down Breeding Stock Currently For Sale:

7 shearling ewes, Born April 2022, Sired by Lydiard Douglas & Greenlands Roland

2 Rams:

Lydiard Douglas, 4 years old (Signet recorded)

Greenlands Roland, 5 years old. Previously from John Briggs Gorse Flock (Flock No 831)

​15 Flock ewes 9x2yrs, 1x3yrs, 1x5yrs, 1x6yrs, 1x7yrs, 1x8yrs, 1x9yrs.


All sheep for sale are great examples of the breed, they are sound and correct and we would have no issues with maintaining them within our flock.

Foundation stock for our flock came from John Briggs Gorse Flock and Lyndsay Rummings Lydiard flock. Our flock is 100% grass fed and outdoor lambed with minimal assistance. Electric fence trained.​ Heptivac P+. They were shawn at the beginning of June and have been fly treated. All have been bolused for micro and macro nutrients.

Rams and shearlings available now, flock ewes available to pick up from 16th July once weaned but can be viewed from now on.

Would make a brilliant foundation for a starter flock; or two smaller foundation starter flocks. The rams and ewes can be split to not be closely related to each other.

We would prefer the purchaser to either be registered or be willing to register with the breed society keeping the stock in the flock book.

For any further info and more photos please get in touch with Dale on 07856595127. Viewings welcome.


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