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100% Grass Fed Oxford Down
Lamb & Mutton

Available Now

Our Oxford Down lambs are born outside in April as the grass begins to grow in the Cotswolds. Being 100% pasture fed they will only ever eat lush grasses, legumes and herbs.  This not only gives the lamb great flavour but also​ you can be assured your lamb is of the highest welfare.

Our Oxford Down Ewes spend their lives outside eating a 100% pasture fed diet. To maintain high breeding standards in our flock, each year we select some of our ewes for mutton. Mutton contains more fat than lamb, and a deeper flavour making it perfect for slow cooking.

Lamb boxes available are:

  • Whole Lamb

  • Half Lamb

  • Lamb Taster box

Our Oxford Downs are on the Rare Breeds Survival Trust's list as a minority breed. The best way to prevent a breed from becoming extinct is to eat it. This gives value to the breed and finances the running of the flock which is vital to the breeds survival.

To register your interest or to buy one of our lamb boxes please contact us and we will be in touch.

Mutton boxes available are:

  • Whole Mutton

  • Half Mutton

  • Mutton Taster

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