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Oxford Down Felted Rugs

Our felted fleece rugs make great seat cushions, floor rugs,  baby pram liners or play mats. Personally, we love snuggling up with ours on the sofa! Oxford Downs have beautiful fine, wavy fleeces which are warm, soft and snuggly. Each rug is unique due to the slightly different wool each individual Oxford Down grows. 


We make the rugs ourselves from freshly shawn fleeces. The base of the rug is made using a technique called 'wet felting'. We massage the underside of the rug using warm water and gentle soap to encourage the wool fibres to knitt together. 

Please contact us to purchase

Hand made felted rug
Whittington Oxford Down Felted Rug

Oxford Down Raw Fleece

Every year we have a handful of unwashed raw Oxford Down fleeces for sale. We often sell  these to spinners who wish to take a raw fleece and turn it into something amazing.


We shear our Oxford Down ewes in June every year. Before shearing we avoid using any stock-marker on our ewes to ensure our fleeces are free of hard to remove colourings. After shearing we pull out any nasty bits and then roll the fleeces up. 

The Oxford Down produces the heaviest fleece of any of the Down breeds. Our fleeces normally produce a 10cm staple, light-shrinking wool which is commonly used for hosiery, knitting yarns and felting. We also use it to make our beautiful Oxford Down Felted Rugs which you can find above.

Our Raw Oxford Down fleeces are priced at £10 each 

Limited 2023 fleeces remaining.

Oxford Down Wool
Oxford Down Ewe
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